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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer.
Below is a list of volunteering opportunities within our organisation.

Helping the Elderly

With a growing greying population in Singapore, there is an increasing number of elderly who need our concern and care. To help them remain active and healthy, you may:

  • Organise and manage activities for the elderly
  • Provide assistance such as accompanying them for doctors' appointments whenever the need arises, especially for the lonely elderly
  • Help out in house-cleaning / maintenance and repair for lonely elderly.
  • Befriend the elderly and take part in home visits (please refer to Music Academy for the Elderly for details)
  • Time: Flexible hours during weekdays (9am - 6pm)


Admin Areas (Administrative Duties)

To successfully run the various programmes, effective and efficient back-office operations are essential. You may volunteer by helping in areas such as:

  • Mass mailing
  • Data entry / IT Support
  • Brochures designing
  • Other administrative duties
  • Time: Flexible hours during weekdays (9am - 6pm)

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