Body & Mind Renewal Exercise
Client : 吴金南
Mr Ng Goon Lam
63 years old



Goon Lam has been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) since 2009, making him feel depressed most of the time. He had to stop working when he felt himself slowing down and having problems with balancing and coordination. He had to spend most of his time at home trying to cope with the effects of the disease. Then, suffering in silence, he turned from being optimistic to being in a state of despair.

After some time, Goon Lam met the staff and volunteers from Concern & Care Society (CCS), who encouraged him to join the Body & Mind Renewal Exercise Programme which helps those suffering from PD and those recovering from stroke to exercise.

The programme has helped Goon Lam regain some physical flexibility and has uplifted his spirit. After almost four years doing the physical exercises which include bending, stretching and proper breathing, his posture and balance improved, with increased strength and stronger muscles.

Volunteers from CCS continually remind Goon Lam to remain cheerful and to continue exercising. He now understands that although getting around and being active were getting more difficult, inactivity will only worsen his physical problems. He has fostered a strong relationship with the volunteers, who find him friendly and easy-going. Gnoh Chook Lean, one of the volunteers, says, “He is very self-motivated to complete all the exercises. We are relieved and glad that Goon Lam has become a happier person.”

Goon Lam experiences the typical PD syndrome of hand tremors when the limbs are at rest. He has medication to relieve this, but tends to feel drowsy after a dosage. He says that although he can hardly exercise at home, he is glad that he could almost complete the two-hour exercise programme every week. “The exercises help me a lot and this programme motivates me to walk from home to the neighbourhood link in Bukit Batok. I usually arrive at CCS an hour before the exercises begin, for breakfast and to prepare myself physically and mentally.”

Contributing to the Community
Goon Lam has always lived a meaningful and purposeful life and cares for his fellowmen. He tells the head of St Luke’s Hospital that he is always willing to help others. As such, he is now a volunteer at the hospital, showing patients the correct way to monitor blood pressure. “This is only a few hours’ work every Monday, but it helps me to keep myself occupied and I am doing something useful.”

As one of those who benefited from the Body and Mind Renewal Exercise programme, Goon Lam hopes that more people with similar health needs will participate in this programme. He encourages and guides stroke patients from St Luke’s Hospital to visit CCS to reap the health benefits from both the Body and Mind Renewal Exercise and the Music Therapy Exercise programmes.

Goon Lam talks and laughs readily. “I will definitely say yes to becoming a volunteer if I can carry out the duties suitable for one in my condition. I may be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease but I have learnt to be optimistic again and I try not to be envious of those in good health.”



巴金森病人的症状包括脑部逐渐退化、单边肢体抖动,严重时也可能影响行动。然而,这一切并没有改变金南开朗的天性。当圣路加医院的负责人问他要不要当义工时, 金南的回复是,“只要是我能力以内能办到的事, 我都愿意帮忙。”

金南自2014年开始到我们的中心:傳神居家照顾协会参与我们的身心活化运动。他也定期到圣路加医院做身体检查。虽然刚发现自己患上巴金森病症时心情比较低落, 金南很快克服了心理压力, 让自己更乐观看待身边的人、事、物,也努力学习独立。例如减少让儿子载送, 自行步行到邻里中心, 还可以每周一天自己搭巴士到医院去 当义工。金南更具信心, 且自豪的说,“已可以自己搭巴士,证明自己的病已有很大的改善。”



他告诉居家报,正因为行动不便,他大部分时间都呆在家里,别无选择。家里有爱狗陪着他过日子,他也看看电视,读读报纸,他最期待每星期四到邻里中心来接受身心活化运动。“每次做完身心活化运动,我觉得很舒服,心情放松。在家里我很难坚持运动,在这里 我可以跟着做较长时间的 运动。”

态度对 运动更有效

金南是巴金森病患, 身体有时会不由自主地抖动。他的左手和左脚无力,在做伸展动作时特别困难。淑莲说,“尽管如此,金南还是尽力做好每个动作。他常常要求自己推动手指棒来为自己按摩,尽量不麻烦义工。他希望自己能好起来,开朗的心态帮助他更容易完成每个动作。金南也从不迟到。他每次都会提早到中心来吃早餐,期待身心活化运动的开始。”





金南热心带动圣路加医院的志工和病人来到武吉巴督邻里中心参观。在这交流中,志工和病患更深切的体验和了解到 《身心活化运动》的功能和益处。



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